Synergy on Stage



The SHADOW style of inclusion allows for the greatest amount of artistic + emotional access.  The ASL performers are costumed and FULLY INCLUDED in the actors world, blending both languages directly on the action for the most meaningful audience experience.  By harmonizing the signing and speaking into one stage picture, the ASL performers are no longer seen as an appendage or distraction – instead become subtext of the script brought to life.  

Deaf AND hearing audiences report this style to be the most entertaining and least intrusive.  Hearing actors who have worked with our shadow performers overwhelmingly report the experience to be an enriching, artistic enhancement to their work.

We work with Deaf ASL consultants to ensure our interpretations are on point and logistics regarding Deaf audience members are addressed.  Whether a production is interested in providing one shadow performance or outfit the entire run, our rehearsal strategies are designed to compliment each production’s needs.

Because the shadow style requires direction and rehearsal with the cast + crew it is best utilized in local theatre productions.  Synergy’s trained shadow performers, who are licenced/certified interpreters and equally experienced thespians, have worked on everything from Shakespeare to Rocky Horror – and everything in every type of theatre: union houses, professional theatres, university theatre programs, community theatre and children’s theatre.  

Image © Oakland University School of Music, Theatre, and Dance – Spring Awakening