COVID-19 Impact

Like the rest of the world – especially within the arts – Synergy on Stage has felt the massive effects of COVID-19.  The remainder of our scheduled performances for the 2019-20 season are cancelled. Synergy will be using this time to move some BIG projects forward (including a brand new website!) so look out for what’s coming! IF you need to get in touch with us for any reason please email [email protected]

One of the most AMAZING rays of light within the darkness of quarantine and isolation is the art being created by the nation’s top Deaf Talent. We encourage everyone to check out DEAF BROADWAY – Founded by Kimberly Hale, Miriam Rochford, and Garrett Zuercher.

Stay happy, healthy, and home!

About Synergy on Stage

ASL Artistry for the Entertainment Industry


Synergy is what happens when we work together to provide language and artistic access to all audience members.  We provide teams of certified, experienced interpreters/performers and Deaf ASL consultants for productions looking to reach out to Deaf audiences and to events that receive a request for accessibility.