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“How I Became a Pirate” – children’s show

OU Outside the Box Performing Arts Festival

June 4 – 10 am         |        June 5 – 2pm

Our Styles

We offer 5 different varieties of performance integration: shadow, zone, platform, concert + virtual.


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About Synergy on Stage

Synergy is our strategy

We provide teams of certified / experienced interpreters and expert ASL consultants to theatre productions looking to reach out to Deaf audiences and work with venues when their event receives a request for accessibility. Along with providing teams of interpreters for concert events we also offer 5 different performance styles for theatre productions: shadow, zone, platform, concert + virtual.

What sets us apart is our preparation tactics – collaborating with Deaf ASL consultants, interpreting + memorizing scripts/music prior to performance, in-depth script/character analysis, attending rehearsals (depending on style), and meeting within our team to address the productions criteria + needs of the Deaf audience.

Synergy happens when we work together to provide language + artistic access to all audience members.

Teams are comprised of certified ASL/English Interpreters, seasoned performers, Deaf ASL Consultants...
Let our Deaf ASL Consultants provide access training to your company
Various styles of performance interpreting to suit every performance need
ASL shadow integration brings subtext to the forefront - see why audiences love this best!
Emotional/Artistic Access
Two interpreters are placed nearby - this places language in the vicinity of the action.
Centralized Sight Lines
Platform interpreting places language far from action yet remains accessible during the performance.
Language Access
Our teams prepare dynamic interpretations. Suitable for large entertainment venues.
ASL Interpreting Requests
Remote ASL interpreting services for productions including Deaf audiences.
Remote Access

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